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Le Cordon Bleu

Founded in Paris in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu is considered today the largest network of culinary and hospitality schools in the world with more than 35 institutes in 20 countries and 20,000 students of over 100 nationalities are trained every year. Le Cordon Bleu combines innovation and creativity with tradition through its certificates, diplomas, bachelors and master degrees.


1. Cuisine

Master basic to advanced culinary techniques that apply to any style of cuisine. Explore French culinary traditions, global cuisines and current trends.

2. Pastry & Confectionery

Discover the art of Pâtisserie. Courses range from specialized ateliers, basic through advanced levels of pastry and confectionary craft making, plated and boutique style desserts, world delicacies and precise decorating techniques.

3. Cuisines of the world

Le Cordon Bleu has designed a range of specific programmes themed around local cuisines or specific topics using the same teaching method as its core diplomas with a focus on practical approach.

4. Hospitality Management & Gastronomy

From running your own Hotel or Resort, Restaurant, Café or Boutique business, our certificate programmes instill operational, supervisory and management knowledge, skills and application in the hospitality and food industries.

5. Wine & Spirits

Our wine and spirits programmes provide training with specific focus in various alcoholic beverages in order to best appreciate and serve them. Courses range from initiation modules to Food and Wine Pairing to Wine Management.

6. Gastronomy & Nutrition

You are what you eat. Explore Gastronomy through practical culinary skills alongside the principles of Nutrition. Learn about current food trends and how nutrition, health and food interact. Adapt recipes, create innovative dishes using global flavours and acquire knowledge of seasonality and sustainability.

Culinary Arts & Business

Create, practice and manage a world-class culinary business in a globally competitive environment. These innovative programs focus on developing knowledge and appreciation of fine food and wine in a ‘farm to plate’ context, and how this is successfully applied in a range of business oriented culinary settings.

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